Kevin Kemper, Ph.D.


Office Address: Copeland Hall Room 336

Office Phone: (405) 404-4938, cell phone



Title: Lecturer

Degrees and Certificates

  • BA with Honors and Academic Achievement, Speech Communication, East Central University, Ada, Okla.;
  • MA, Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Oklahoma;
  • Ph.D., Journalism, University of Missouri-Columbia;
  • J.D., University of Missouri-Columbia;
  • LL.M. in Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy with Environmental Concentration, University of Arizona;
  • Graduate Certificate, Administration and Management of Renewable Natural Resources;
  • LL.M. in Energy and Natural Resources, University of Oklahoma


I’m here to serve. I love teaching and students. A favorite quote is from the late Principal Chief Issac Garvin of the Choctaw Nation: "Nan ikhvnanchi, nan ikhvnanchi, keyu hokma pi illachi. Educate, educate, or we perish.


My primary research interests include the legal protections of freedoms and rights for indigenous peoples, as well as the intersection of indigenous peoples and how they manage natural resources, information, and other assets.


  • NAS 3113, Native American Philosophy online
  • NAS 1013, Introduction to Native American Studies
  • LAW 5663, Federal Indian Water Law online


  • Kevin R. Kemper, “Indigenous Language in the United States: TheRhetorical Sovereignty of the Cherokee and Their Language, From Sequoyah’s Syllabary to Google and iPads and More,” in Indigenous Lives in the Mobile Age (Laurel Evelyn Dyson, Max Hendriks & Stephen Grant, eds., Routledge, 2015).
  • Kevin R. Kemper, “Environmental Information Policy and Secrets About Jaguars: How Trusting Arizona Tribes is the Best Strategy for Protecting Jaguars in the United States,” 4 Ariz. J. Env’l & Pol’y 187 (Spring 2014),
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  • Kevin R. Kemper, “Who Speaks for Native Americans? Tribal Journalists, Rhetorical Sovereignty, and Freedom of Expression,” 12 Journalism & Comm. Monographs 1 (Spring 2010).


  • Kevin R. Kemper, “Sunshine Instead of Clouds on Title: How Transparency Helps to Ensure Notice and Resolve Latent Title Issues Involving American Indians in Oklahoma.” Winner of top faculty research paper for Sovereignty Symposium, 2017. Article in progress for submission to a law review.
  • Kevin R. Kemper, Lessons From the Jaguar, the Coyote, and the Shark: The Law and Ethics of Journalism in Indian Country. Book project.